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Less Is More: Tips for Perfectly Pitched Admission Essay

Essays are an extremely important part of college application process where students are given certain prompts for testing their knowledge and writing skills. Obviously, these skills cannot be developed in a day or two, it takes a series of efforts over the years until you start drafting something really unique and distinctive.

Every student has their own way, style, tone, and voice to express their ideas, sentiments, events, and experience and that’s where distinction is created. The time has proven that writing less is actually more, which means that those students who go into details and include unwanted material usually end up scoring lesser marks/ grades than those who prioritize in writing lesser and scoring high grades/marks; especially in an admission essay.

For perfectly pitching your ideas and points in your admission essay, all you need to do is manage your time carefully for planning, writing and proofreading your entire document. Never submit it unless and until you are 100% sure about it. As soon as you kick off with your essay writing and have an essay question, you need to develop an outline and that outline can be developed by jotting down all the brainstormed ideas and gathered material from different sources.

I would highly recommend you to spend more time on planning and structuring an essay because once you have the execution plan, words begin to flow tidily. Although, there must be an element of surprise in the beginning but that doesn’t mean you only have to focus on the introduction part, other parts are important as well. Also, building a consensus around a certain topic would establish more grip on the topic. An admission essay has to be a perfect exhibition of your personality, so including precise and relevant information in your essays would make things interesting for the readers.

Moreover, you have to act smartly when it comes down to writing an essay. Most of the topics appear to be difficult at first but once you put your focus entirely on the given topic, things start to go in your favour. Being honest about yourself with a creative angle is all that matters the most. However, exaggerating and tricking your academic officer with a clever or forged content actually raises threats to your essay’s outcome.

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